Aerospace PPAP and APQP specifics: going deeper into AS9145

April 23, 2024

Aerospace PPAP and APQP specifics: going deeper into AS9145
April 23, 2024

The aerospace industry thrives on meticulous planning and unwavering quality. Back in 2016, the aerospace standard “AS9145” was released and the industry adopted the AIAG APQP concepts, applying its approach into the aerospace context.

Aerospace PPAP and APQP

AS9145 isn’t a rigid set of rules, but a crucial roadmap for achieving these goals. It focuses on two key processes: Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).

APQP: Charting the Course

Think of APQP as the strategic phase. It meticulously outlines every step from conception to production, ensuring a smooth journey for every component. This comprehensive planning minimizes surprises and streamlines the entire process.

PPAP: Liftoff Checklist

PPAP acts as the final checkpoint before parts embark on their mission. This process verifies everything is in order, guaranteeing components meet the high standards aerospace demands.

Taking Inspiration, Forging a New Path for aerospace PPAP and APQP management

While AS9145 borrows from the automotive industry’s approach, it carves its own path specifically for aerospace needs. It prioritizes efficient processes without compromising on quality.

Key Features of AS9145 standard

  • Maturity Model: This innovative tool measures a supplier’s proficiency in utilizing APQP and related tools. It acts as a progress report, enabling customers to identify areas for improvement and prioritize supplier development.
  • Simplified PPAP: Unlike the automotive industry’s lengthy checklist, aerospace utilizes a streamlined 11-element PPAP. This ensures all critical checks are performed without unnecessary hurdles.

Collaboration Takes Flight Today

By leveraging the existing resources and incorporating industry-specific tools, AS9145 fosters a collaborative environment between suppliers and manufacturers. This streamlined approach contributes to efficient production, ultimately propelling the success of groundbreaking aerospace ventures.

If you’re part of the industry and you’re willing up to take your aerospace PPAP and APQP management needs to resolution, please schedule a demo with us today.

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